Taiwan Conduct Military Drill

N/A • 24 March 2023 00:21

As tension with China intensifies in recent weeks, Taiwan is fortifying its defense capability with more military drills.

Taiwan is carrying out a week-long military drill at the Tamsui River, simulating a naval attack by enemy forces. 

The drills, which took place on Wednesday (22/3/2023), were limited in scope and roped off to civilians. The military utilized M3 amphibious rigs to simulate the dispersal of explosives to deter infiltration of the nation by enemy forces. 

The exercise was aimed at simulating a possible breach of the Tamsui district by enemy forces, trying to reach the central government offices in Taipei City. 

The first line of defense would be the armored cavalry followed by the deployment of explosives by the engineers on the river. 

If needed, boats would be blown up to block the harbor and finally, the guandu bridge would be broken completely blocking the river. 
(Nienda Farras Athifah)